“ILLUSIONS WILL FALL”, an ethereal rock opera written by Arunas Rudy Avizius

The video below is a compilation of short excerpts of songs from the upcoming Ethereal Rock Opera, “Illusions Will Fall”

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We live in a world of abundance. There is enough air, water, and food for every person, animal, and plant on the planet. We have the resources and ability to make our existence here a paradise, to continue to develop socially, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. It is within our power to create a true golden age on this blue oasis floating through space and attain wondrous levels of development on a personal, family, community, regional, and global level thereby creating this paradise.

Yet there are forces at work inhibiting this development. Instead we see globalism, unending wars, ignorance, apathy, poverty, crime, greed, violence, and injustice accompanied by the immense degradation of our beautiful planet, threatening its very life sustaining ability. The distribution of these abundant resources is severely broken.


Most people through their love, kindness, and compassion, are working for the forces of good and light. Most people want to address the problems described and yet somehow their desires have difficulty being manifested. How is it that a very small handful of people can accrue such great accumulations of money and power through their manipulation of the system? How is it that these same people use their hired servants in corporations, government, media, academia, or other positions of authority to thwart the will of the masses for their own self serving interests, creating the environment where the problems are not addressed, allowing them to fester and grow?


Rather than working to alleviate the many individual problems, which has the effect of diluting our efforts, we need to determine what the root causes are and to focus on them instead. If we could find the common threads that weaved through each of these problems, we would be in a much better position to change the environment to bring about the needed changes. After much contemplation, research, and discussion, my wife Kathy and I determined that the root causes that all of these problems had in common was money and fear. These were the common threads that wove through much of the misery being experienced by so much of humanity and nature herself.


We realized that the problems listed at the beginning of this introduction are not the actual problems, but instead are SYMPTOMS. Generally, people have been focusing on trying to treat the symptoms of our problems, rather than the ROOT CAUSES. It is as if you went to a doctor with recurring abdominal pains and the doctor prescribed pain killers. This doctor would be treating the symptoms without investigating what the root causes were. Certainly the pain medicine will help you feel better, but does it really solve the problem that caused the pains in the first place? Is the root cause of the pain being caused by an ulcer, cancer, indigestion, food allergies, hernia, gallstone, or maybe appendicitis? Treating symptoms without treating the root cause does not solve the problem. Most people would wisely stop following this doctor’s advice and seek alternate care. Yet we collectively seem to accept the diagnosis and cures provided by those in power and their spokespeople in the media, which rarely seem to ever address the root causes.


On this website, we will examine not only the SYMPTOMS, but also the ROOT CAUSES. We will then “connect the dots” between the symptoms and the root causes for the reader to be able to distinguish between them and importantly, we will propose solutions. This website will be broken up into 3 parts.


Part I will list and describe the nature of the many problems we face. The goal here is not to simply list and dwell on the problems, but to help people become more aware. By becoming aware, a foundation is built by understanding the nature of the problems. This awareness provides a taste, an indication, of the pain being inflicted. This awareness can help people break through the resistance and open their hearts to others who have been affected by these problems.


Part II will take the next step and “connect the dots” between the problems outlined in Part I to help the reader understand how these problems are interlinked and related to each other. The reader will gain a “big picture” view and will be able to distinguish between symptoms and root causes which will strengthen the foundation laid in Part I. Our lives are similar to the clear overlays many of us have seen in encyclopedias when studying anatomy. One layer is the skeletal system, the muscular system, the circulatory system and so on. While each layer is discreet, they are also part of a larger whole. Our problems are like those discreet overlays, but they are also interconnected, with the top layer being our spiritual energy.


Part III will propose solutions to the problems. So many articles and books describe the problems very well, but fail to offer solutions. This website will propose solutions and provide links to resources for additional information. Once you find yourself “connecting the dots” beyond what the site explicitly presents, you will be developing a deeper awareness of how interconnected we all are.

In Summary

Many of us have encountered experiences or circumstances that resonate within us. This resonance occurs when your physical being is in harmony with your spiritual being. It is in this resonance in what we see, hear, feel, or read, that spirit is communicating with us and making transformational change possible. Our souls are yearning for a conversation with us. This resonance is often accompanied by a requirement that effort and actions be undertaken, yet most of us experience resistance to doing the very things that will create a space for these transformational changes to happen. This resistance is often overcome when the discomfort levels of the familiar reality become too unbearable.

This website will spend many chapters covering the wide range of problems we face and connecting the dots so that the reader will have a solid foundation upon which to build understanding on the nature of the problems we all collectively face. This knowledge should provide the background to motivate the reader to break resistance and start working on solutions. Once the actions are taken, the resistance melts away, opening the way to a higher state. If no actions are taken and resistance is allowed to prevail, then the door for the transformational change will close and the discomfort will remain until it is addressed. So “Just Do It” becomes the operative phrase. The “it” could be to meditate, develop new connections to others, discard previous belief systems, and open new pathways to spirit. It could be to appreciate and have gratitude for all that you already have, to show more kindness and compassion, or to follow through on some of the suggestions in the Solutions part of this site that may have resonated with you. The transformational changes we need are going to come from within and we all need to be a part of this.

The Dalai Lama once said: “Act now, even if you will not see the fruits of your labor in your lifetime.”

“Illusions Will Fall”

-an Ethereal Rock Opera-

The musical style for this opera is a blend of influences from Pink Floyd, Enigma, and Enya.

The musical score to this opera has now been completed. The rest of this opera is currently in production and this website will be updated to reflect the progress being made.

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Illusions Will Fall

Authorities in our lives, such as parents, teachers, churches, media, and others have taught us that we are small and insignificant and should defer to their “wisdom”.

The truth is that we are powerful beings, if only we would recognize that fact.

The story line of “Illusions Will Fall” takes place in the future after an economic collapse as people adjust to a new reality that sees the fall of centralization and the rise of local economies, institutions,and relationships. This happens as people act from their hearts, realize their own power and mindfully stop giving their power away to others. These are the sounds of resistance.

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