“Illusions Will Fall”, an Ethereal Rock Opera.

This website is under construction and will be updated to reflect the progress being made to the ethereal rock opera, “Illusions Will Fall”.

The musical style for this opera is a blend of Pink Floyd, Enigma, and Enya.

Illusions Will Fall

Authorities in our lives, such as parents, teachers, churches, media, and others have taught us that we are small and insignificant and should defer to their “wisdom”.

The truth is that we are powerful beings, if only we would recognize that fact.

The story line of “Illusions Will Fall” takes place in the future after an economic collapse as people adjust to a new reality that sees the fall of centralization and the rise of local economies, institutions,and relationships. This happens as people act from their hearts, realize their own power and mindfully stop giving their power away to others. These are the sounds of resistance.

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