Money Is Not Safe In The Big Banks

This article was written back in 2013, but it is just as relevant today as it was at that time, perhaps even more so. David Webb has recently (2024) created an amazing documentary called “The Great Taking“. While the video “Money Is Not Safe In The Big Banks” (below) was accurate, it only covered one aspect of the problem (in great detail), while David Webb’s documentary zooms out and looks at the bigger picture. Both of these videos provide insights on how the legal framework for a mass confiscation of wealth has been put in place over time. The powers that be are desperate, and will do whatever it takes to preserve their power, including confiscating YOUR money. Consider yourself warned.


People think that money is safe in the big banks because the FDIC will protect the deposits. This assumption is not based on the facts. This video will show official government documents that describe the plans for confiscating deposits when, (not if) a big bank fails. Individual, as well as public funds from municipal, university, county deposits are at serious risk. YOUR taxpayer money will disappear in the next crisis! Public officials in charge of taxpayer funds need to be aware of the dangers here. The loss of taxpayer funds  and the inability to meet payrolls and obligations will certainly prompt a response that will both immediate and forceful.

This video will show how Cyprus was not a one-time event and how the Cyprus confiscation was planned well in advance and how M.F. Global was the blueprint for future confiscations and how a legal precedent was created when these losses were upheld by the legal system.

Ask your public official in charge of finance where they keep YOUR taxpayer money!

Ask them if they have researched the public banking or a state bank option! Do not accept no for an answer, ask them why. If they say that you do not understand these things, tell them to explain it to you.

After all, this is your money that you worked so hard for, so don’t let the big gamblers from Wall Street use YOUR personal or taxpayer money to cover THEIR losses. These big bankers are money addicts, they have no appreciation of how much work went into making that money. They do not care about you or your money, all they care about is their addiction. Don’t let public officials continue to put your taxpayer money at risk with these gamblers, just because this is how it has been done in the past.