A compilation of song excerpts from the ethereal rock opera “Illusions Will Fall”

“Enchantment Begins” Full Song


“Into Dream” Excerpt

“I, Choose” Excerpt


“The Beckoning” Excerpt












Song Titles

Intro (Instrumental)
Into Dream
Moment of Choice
I Will Not Give Up My Power
Enchantment Begins
I Leave the Realm of Fear
Once We Awaken
Illusions Will Fall
Ethereal Voices
Moment of Choice (Instrumental)
That Voice Inside
I, Choose
The Beckoning
I No Longer

“Enchantment Begins” Lyrics

I feel the fall
What reality is this?

Free, I’m free, free

An awakening has begun
Enchantment now begins
Now, I am really free

I’m my own sovereign self
I’m a powerful being
So powerful

The forces of darkness
Disinfected by light
The purveyors of distortion
No longer feel right

Careful distinctions
Connecting the dots
Perceiving illusions
That were not your thoughts

Practice this gift
Abandoning lies
Perception has changed
Old beliefs to revise

Courage rises
Scarcity falls
New seeds to take root
Down come those walls

Plato’s cave
The illusions will fall

As the twilight falls
New realities will rise
Mystical wisdom will call

Illusions will fall
Illusions will fall
Illusions will fall

Magic arrives
Magic arrives
We’re free………

An awakening has begun
Enchantment now begins
Now we are really free

We’re all our sovereign selves
We’re powerful beings

And, the enchantment begins